Frequently Asked Questions

A few common answers to a few common questions and general information about me!

ARC Reviews

From time to time, people ask me how to get an ARC copy. In general, there are two ways to go about this:

1. If the book is being published by a publisher, ARC requests need to go through the publishing house.

2. If it is a book I am self-publishing, then get in touch with me. I cannot promise a review copy for everyone who asks, but I do issue ARC copies to bloggers, reviewers, and general readers.

Guest Appearances

If you're local to the Kansas City Area, I'm more than happy to come sign books or speak about writing whenever you want, wherever you want, assuming I don't have a previous engagement. Please just connect with me-I love getting out and about!

If you'd like me to attend a convention or other engagement farther away, please send me an email and/or hit me up on Facebook. Usually this involves phone conversations, and I won't put my number on the web.

  • Reviews

    I love reviews! I don't care if they are positive, negative, or something in between. I appreciate you tried my work, and any discussion is awesome.

    I won't tell you where to post them either, although, Amazon reviews are particularly helpful in getting "seen". Post them wherever you feel comfortable: your blog, Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, an email to your best friend.

    I also won't offer my opinion. I might thank you in a blog comment, but usually only during promo engagements.

    I may, however, share positive reviews on social media or link to them on my site. This usually depends on time. If there's something you want me to share, let me know!

Common Interview Questions

How long have you written?

I've written for as long as I can remember. In Junior High my best girlfriends and I used to pass around a notebook, each of us adding different parts to an on-going story, and I think that's where it all began. I used to make my best friend listen to the stories I wrote, and I wrote myself to sleep usually. I finished my first full-length novel at 17, in my English class, while the rest of the class was studying Watership Down. Through my early college years, I wrote here and there, and eventually, when I was at home with my firstborn son, I decided to do something about it professionally.

When were you first published?

I was first published in 2009, with the book Seduction's Stakes. The Wild Rose Press offered me a contract, after a friend urged me to submit. I debated for a long while, namely because it was a contemporary romance, written on more-or-less a dare, and I wasn't sure I wanted to write more contemporary. Eventually, I accepted, and went on to publish several more contemporaries through them.

Why do you use so many pen names?

First, understand I live in a small community and my neighbors already know too much about me.

Second, when Berkley offered to buy what would become STRIPPED, I didn't want my readers to pick it up and be shocked by the vastly different content. To that end, Tori St. Claire was born.

As I've expanded into different genres, I feel that need to keep the expectations clear for readers. It also helps to keep the right audience focused on the right works. For instance: I write Middle Grade as G.P. Charles, and would not want a child to stumble onto my erotic romances as Tori St. Claire.

How long does it take you to write a book?

This is entirely book dependent. On average it takes me about thirty days to write a 90K word book. Sure, life can happen and influence that (and it has frequently). But I plot heavily before I start, which answers a lot of story questions and speeds up the writing.

The fastest I have composed a full-length novel has been about three weeks. The longest it's taken me to write a book was one full year.

What's your workday like?

My workday varies every day. The one thing I try to do is commit to 2000 words daily, if I am actively working on a book. In general:
     Get up, get ready for school, teach all day
     Farm chores after school; family stuff
     I'll spend anywhere from 1-2 hours working on editing projects
     I'll then spend another 1-2 hours working on my own projects

Where's the best place to find updates on everything?

Because I have my fingers in so many different pots, the best way to keep up on what's going on is to follow my Untamed Spirit Blog, or my Facebook Page. (Links at the top.) All the news about what I'm working on and new releases I publish there.

If you'd rather have news come directly to you, sign up for my newsletter. I only publish it when I have something important to say!

Are your romances based on real life?

All of my stories are 100% fiction. I can't even say, honestly, there are people from my real life transformed into characters.

There are a few experiences I've put in as background information here and there (like delivering flowers to my HS boyfriend's other girlfriend, as mentioned in TIMELESS VALENTINE), or as backstory filler, and of course our life experiences help shape our personalities, which allows us to build relatable characters. As a rule though, it's all just creativity!

What can we expect next?

Right now, my publishing focus is on G.P. Charles and Tori St. Claire. My books as Claire will be largely self-published, which means I'll be adding Templar, Flying Gang, and Windwalker works as my contracted obligations allow. You can expect 1 or 2 new releases as Claire annually.

With Tori, I'll be adding new life into the Black Opals and working on some more suspense-related projects. I'm excited, very excited, about the plans there!

With G.P., I'll be working on Middle Grade fantasy and Adult Epic Fantasy, which is my ultimate writing passion and something I've been looking forward to for many years.

I hope you'll check those projects out!

Curse of the Templars Series

How many books are in the series?

The core series consists of 6 full-length novels and 1 novella. They are, in order:
Immortal Hope
Immortal Surrender
Immortal Protector
Immortal Trust
Immortal Sacrifice
Immortal Temptation
Immortal Salvation

When I finished Salvation, however, I felt the need to resolve some other threads I left open and piddle with some more Templar lives. I've since added on new books, beginning with IMMORTAL PURPOSE. While these can be read as stand-alones, you'll probably be better off if you've read the core series to understand some of the things the knights have overcome.

Are these books based on your religious views?

No, absolutely not. There is Christian mythos tied heavily into the story--they're the Templar Knights, you can't expect otherwise. But I do not believe Fiction is a place for preaching, and you will never find me trying to impose my beliefs or steer you into thinking as I do. I'll leave those efforts to Literary works, Non-Fiction, and classrooms.

Why is there such a delay between books?

When I'm juggling different genres, and different contracts, something has to give. To that end, self-publishing efforts can't take priority. The Templars have been my most recent commitment, but also bear in mind there isn't a huge market at this time for paranormal. I'm writing these books for myself and for the readers who fell in love with the series. It's a tough call to make in prioritizing things, but at the end of the day, the bills have to be paid, and I will focus where that most likely accomplishes that need.

Which book is next?

From day one, I've always kept what's coming very close to the sleeve. I don't like to spill the beans until I'm ready to start announcing that something is coming down the pipe. On this one, you'll just have to wait!

The Windwalker Series

OMG - Where is Book 2?

To my own particular annoyance, Book II was pushed to the bottom of the stack of things to do. I know you're anxious, and I am too! However, I can't tell you exactly when it will come. What I can say is...

When Book II is ready, you'll see a re-launch effort on BEFORE THE STORM, complete with a new cover I'm totally excited to share. It is actively in the list of things to do now, and I hope to resolve this matter very soon!

How many books are in this series?

I'll be honest--I don't really know. Right now I have planned Halle's journey over the course of three books. Anything that follows will also be in trilogy form. So, as the series moves along, you can expect everything to come in trios. I don't like never-ending series, and I think it's easier to jump into the middle if there aren't several to read before the one that catches your attention.

What genre is Before the Storm?

BEFORE THE STORM crosses genres, a fact that will become more evident with Book II. The classes that have been introduced are not typical Paranormal classes--they're traditional Fantasy classes. However, because of the romantic content, it still falls into Romance, and the modern day setting pushed it toward Urban Fantasy. Add into that the age of my heroine, and the book is also New Adult (vastly different than romance, folks!) So, it's quite a different endeavor and should appeal to many readers.