Timeless Valentine

Timeless Valentine
The Wild Rose Press
(January, 2010)

Trade Paperback & Digital
ISBN-10: 1601547153
ISBN-13: 978-1601547156

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Childhood hatred fired their blood. Yet, a Valentine's Day experiment inflames their hearts...

When Lucas Benning relocated to Kansas City, his best friend’s sister became his roommate.  Problem is, they’ve despised each other since he cut off her hair when she was fifteen. But with Valentines Day looming, his sentimental side can’t accept Olivia’s jaded perspective the holiday’s for fools. He vows to prove romance doesn’t go hand-in-hand with sex. Except, a game he starts to prove a point awakens a frightening passion he can’t escape.

Eccentric artist, Olivia McDaniels, finds Lucas’ proposal laughable. Yet, when her brother commissions a portrait of Lucas, she sees a different side of the man--tender and selfless. To her horror, he chips away at the walls around her heart. Only, Lucas belongs to another woman, and the feelings he stirs can only lead to pain.

As the holiday arrives, will Cupid's arrows forge a timeless bridge between their differences, or will they eternally miss their mark?

"Author Claire Ashgrove has created a heartwarming, yet sometimes
heartbreaking, story with compelling characters a reader
can’t help but fall in love with."


“This is one of those “love finds a way” stories so enjoyable at
Valentine’s Day time.”


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