The Heart's Stronghold

The Heart's Stronghold
Untamed Spirit Publishing
(August 13, 2012)

Trade Paperback & Digital
ISBN-10:  1478180595
ISBN-13:  978-1478180593

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What she’s hiding is unforgivable…

With six million stolen dollars tucked away in a Swiss account and a new identity, Natalie St. James arrives in County Kerry, Ireland toting a horde of secrets. She’s starting over, nurturing dreams of freedom from an unspeakable past. She never imagines that one night in her ancestral homeland will expose her to danger all over again. Nor does she foresee running into someone from her past--the one man her heart still yearns for. Martin is determined to unravel why she seems so familiar. But his learning the truth would not only endanger Natalie, it would cost Martin his life.

There’s something haunting about the secretive redhead that Martin St. James can’t place. He knows they’re connected, and he’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. Despite Natalie’s evasion, his determination for answers leads them down a fiery path of desire reminiscent of a long-ago, forbidden love. But when a stranger arrives in Kerry, Martin begins to suspect Natalie’s in trouble. Her fear tugs at his heart, even more than the splendor of her kiss. Battling for her trust and consumed with the need to protect her, he never expects her secrets will reveal betrayal, or that when they do, he’ll be fighting for his heart, but his life as well.

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