The Complete List of Novels by Claire Ashgrove
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Seduction's Stakes (October 2009)
Waiting For Yes (April 2011)
Misunderstanding Mason (August 2011) ~ Digital Only

Contemporary, Holiday

All I Want For Christmas... Is Big Blue Eyes (December 2009)
Timeless Valentine (January 2010)
A Christmas to Believe In (November 2010)
A Broken Christmas (December 2011) ~Digital Only

Paranormal, The Curse of the Templars

Immortal Hope (January 2012)
Immortal Surrender (September 2012)
Immortal Protector (March 2013) ~ Digital Only
Immortal Trust (March 2013)
Immortal Sacrifice (January 2014)
Immortal Temptation (February 2016)
Immortal Salvation (Apr 2017)
Immortal Purpose (Aug 2017)

Paranormal, Inherited Damnation

Cursed to Kill (October 2011) ~ Digital Only
Tormented by Darkness (December 2011) ~ Digital Only
Destined to Die (December 2011) ~ Digital Only
Bound by Blood (April 2012) ~ Digital Only
Fated for Sacrifice (May 2012) ~ Digital Only
Doomed to Torment (October 2012) ~ Digital Only
Enslaved by Fear (October 2012) ~ Digital Only
Marked for Death (January 2013) ~ Digital Only


Bound by Decency, The Flying Gang Legacy #1 (August 2012)

Urban Fantasy

Before the Storm, The Windwalkers #1 (April 2014)

Writing As Tori St. Claire

Stripped, The Black Opals #1 (January 2012)
Lie to Me, The Black Opals #2 (July 2012)
Explosive, The Black Opals #3 (September 2013)
Unravel Me, Entangled Brazen (February 2014) ~ Digital Only
Her Forbidden Risk, Entangled Brazen (October 2014) ~ Digital Only
Shatter Me, Entangled Brazen (May 2015) ~ Digital Only

Writing As Sophia Garrett

An Eternity of You, A Very Scandalous Holiday Anthology (October 2013)

Writing As G.P. Charles

Instinct (A Ghost Story), Jonathan Maberry Joe Ledger Unstoppable Anthology (2017)
     Co-written with Bryan Thomas Schmidt