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(January 3, 2012)

Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-10:  0765367580
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"The story is well researched, with interesting characters, and you'll be sucked into the novel within the first chapter."

Romantic Times Reviews

“This series (The Curse of the Templars) is explosive, sexy, riveting, and Claire Ashgrove is a master of her craft.”

MAGGIE SHAYNE, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Ashgrove's Templars will steal your heart and her world building will leave you wanting more.”

KARIN TABKE, National Bestselling Author

“Claire Ashgrove weaves complex layers of history, paranormal worlds and romantic fiction seamlessly.”

CATHERINE BYBEE, New York Times Bestselling Author

Interview with Caradoc of Asterleigh

Taken from the Bookaholic does Blogging Blog during the Immortal Hope Blog Tour.

Name: Caradoc of Asterleigh
Profession: Knight Templar
Age: Over nine hundred years old
Height: 6’ 0”
Hair: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Good afternoon, Caradoc. Thanks for taking the time to meet with me today.

Caradoc: Always a pleasure. Though I cannot guarantee I can answer all your questions, I shall share what I am able.

Understood. Actually, I wanted to talk a little about you today. You’re more reserved than many of the knights we’ve met in Immortal Hope. Is there a particular reason why?

Caradoc: I am second in command, and answer only to Merrick and the archangel Mikhail. With that position comes responsibility that I hold dear. I am a knight, above all things, and my duty is foremost to the Order.

So a man of honor, definitely. Duty-bound. Driven by oaths – would you say as much as Merrick?

Caradoc: Indeed.

What brought you to the Knights Templar, if you don’t mind my asking?

Caradoc: ‘Twas a choice I made on my own. I knew Merrick for quite some time. He asked, he spared no detail. I agreed to serve under him.

Even at the expense of your own happiness? Sacrificing all your property, your wealth…?

Caradoc: Aye. Those are material objects. ‘Tis what matters here (he sets a fist over his heart) that makes a difference.

Very true, and very sage. Now, you’re English, right? What about the others?

Caradoc: I hail from Briton, aye. From Asterleigh. ‘Tis a non-existant place in this world you know now, but ‘twas once beyond beauty. Merrick hails from France, though we fought many battles together in our youth. He came north, to strike against his uncle. Farran and Tane are also Frenchmen. Lucan shares my heritage, and Declan hails from the far north, a Scottsman through and through.

And there are others, right? In fact, as I understand it, the Templar are a conglomeration of heritages. How’s that happen?

Caradoc: In our heyday we were vast. We had enough members to form our own nation, though we were not all knights. Many laymen were employed for our various needs – to build for us, to craft armor for us, to keep our horses fit.

I see. So the Templar world isn’t just about knights and swords.

Caradoc: Nay, though it has become such now.

Right. With the fighting of Azazel and the immortal oaths. I’m curious – when you took your pledge, was it painful?

Caradoc: The only pain that presented are the aches that plague me now. I have been chosen to suffer in a manner unlike my brethren.

Why’s that? I sense a story.

Caradoc: I do not know the precise reason. I know only that it began when I turned my back on one who mattered above all the rest.

Ooooh… now that sounds like something our readers would really like to know more about. Details, please!

Caradoc: Nay, milady. ‘Tis a subject delegated to my past. ‘Tis no sense in dwelling on what cannot be undone. My duty is to continue on. I accept that willingly and will not delve into the shadows on my soul. Should I, I am certain I would falter.

I have to confess, that gives me the shivers. (And though I didn’t tell him, I was dying to know more. He, however was clearly unwilling to entertain my curiosity.) One last question, Caradoc – who’s the next seraph?

Caradoc: I know only that Anne’s sister, Sophie is destined to join our ranks. When, or where her place shall fall is known only unto Gabriel.

Drat! I was hoping we might get a little sneak peek at what to expect next. I guess we’ll just have to wait. Thank you, Caradoc, for spending some time with me. I know you’re busy. I’ll let you get back to what I’m sure is a mountain of tasks assigned by Mikhail.

Caradoc: Aye, I must return to teaching Anne how to wield a sword. It appears she and Merrick cannot see eye-to-eye long enough to move past the holding of the blade. Good day to you, milady.

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