Immortal Surrender -- Farran's Top Ten

Immortal Surrender
TOR Romance
(September 25, 2012)

Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-10:  0765367599
ISBN-13:   978-0765367594

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"Readers who are new to the Curse of the Templars series will find this book easy to follow and hard to put down. The plot flows smoothly, with plenty of historical detail grounding the supernatural element and adding to its believability. The tug-of-war involving the hero’s heart will keep you on pins and needles, and the intense action will leave you reeling.

Romantic Times Reviews

“This series (The Curse of the Templars) is explosive, sexy, riveting, and Claire Ashgrove is a master of her craft.”

MAGGIE SHAYNE, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Ashgrove's Templars will steal your heart and her world building will leave you wanting more.”

KARIN TABKE, National Bestselling Author

“Claire Ashgrove weaves complex layers of history, paranormal worlds and romantic fiction seamlessly.”

CATHERINE BYBEE, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Compelling characters, crackling sexual tension and a fascinating paranormal mythology--Immortal Surrender has it all!”

LAURA KAYE, USA Today Bestselling Author

Farran's Top Ten


During the Immortal Surrender blog tour, Farran stopped in at Urban Fantasy Investigations to share his thoughts on the top ten things most important to a Templar Knight.

* * *

10. Faith – ‘Tis the only thing that keeps many going. Faith in the design we serve, faith in the promised salvation. And faith that when Gabriel intervenes the ensuing chaos shall be of extreme merit.

9. Honor – Our lives our vows and sacred promises. Dishonor those within, dishonor ourselves, dishonor those we love, and you shall know the swiftness of our swords.

8. Armor – Chain is not so much protection for the body; naught but the seraphs can stop the destruction of our souls. A knight’s armor is a thing of pride, and one of the few such objects we are allowed to be prideful of.

7. Sustenance – No knight can fight any battle, be that of blade or heart on empty bellies. Lack of sustenance also contributes to the general demeanor of men. Hungry bellies lead to belligerence. Saints toes, ‘twas a true blessing when Anne confiscated the temple menus.

6. Down Pillows – I have never known such exquisiteness as these modern pillows of down. ‘Tis indeed shameful. An object designed to make a knight lazy. Mayhap ‘tis why they are only given with seraphs.

5. Lint Brush – Mayhap all do not suffer the need as I, but it has become a most valuable possession with the addition of Noelle’s Scat-cat.

4. Loyalty – True loyalty is not oft come by. For a knight, ‘tis detrimental. Once found, cherish it.

3. Jacuzzi – Shh, do not repeat this to the unoathed knights. But the tub for two will sate even the most ravenous of appetites.

2. The Sword – ‘Tis naught more valuable nor necessary than the sword. Without it, we are helpless. ‘Tis our defense, our strength, our very life.

1. A Woman’s Heart – ‘Tis not oft I confess knights possess weakness. But ‘tis true, though many shall not ever admit such. I was one as well. A woman’s heart, when given freely, strikes within a man the desire to be greater than himself, and it can heal the deepest of scars.

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