Immortal Surrender -- Declan Interview

Immortal Surrender
TOR Romance
(September 25, 2012)

Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-10:  0765367599
ISBN-13:   978-0765367594

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"Readers who are new to the Curse of the Templars series will find this book easy to follow and hard to put down. The plot flows smoothly, with plenty of historical detail grounding the supernatural element and adding to its believability. The tug-of-war involving the hero’s heart will keep you on pins and needles, and the intense action will leave you reeling."

Romantic Times Reviews

“This series (The Curse of the Templars) is explosive, sexy, riveting, and Claire Ashgrove is a master of her craft.”

MAGGIE SHAYNE, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Ashgrove's Templars will steal your heart and her world building will leave you wanting more.”

KARIN TABKE, National Bestselling Author

“Claire Ashgrove weaves complex layers of history, paranormal worlds and romantic fiction seamlessly.”

CATHERINE BYBEE, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Compelling characters, crackling sexual tension and a fascinating paranormal mythology--Immortal Surrender has it all!”

LAURA KAYE, USA Today Bestselling Author

Interview with Declan MacNeill

Taken from the Fangtastic Books blog during the Immortal Surrender Blog Tour.

Name: Declan MacNeill
Profession: Templar Knight
Age: Over 8 centuries old
Height: 5’11” and a smidge
Hair: shoulder-length auburn
Eyes: Bright Blue

What made you decide to isolate yourself from your brothers, to join Leofric?

Declan: Leofric is a man I have long admired and he has always held the Templar interests in high esteem. As I willna take a seraph, I saw a need I could satisfy in the little time I have remaining in this lifetime. His purpose is noble, his commitment to the Order values is unmoving, and there are many amongst us, such as Tane and Gottfriend, who dishonor what we stand for.

When you interfered in the growing relationship with Farran and Noelle, what was the purpose?

Declan: Only to return them to the proper path. As you well know we are sworn to a Code. Their pairing may be inevitable. How they choose to go about it should remain as noble as the oaths we have sworn. A slight distance between them shouldna cause harm.

But if the archangels and the Almighty have it set this way, why would you believe it is up to you to change it?

Declan: Och! Nay. ‘Tis not so. What has been set is the pairing of knight and seraph. Not how that is executed.

I think I follow the logic. So how do you feel about the appearance of the Noelle as the second seraph?

Declan: I am most pleased for Sir Farran now that the oaths have been taken and vows are intact. ‘Tis encouraging for the Order as a whole to have another seraph found. My brother is a lucky man, as is Merrick. Would that the archangels would see others quickly matched as well, and we shall again be strong.

You said you wouldn’t take a seraph. Do you think Gabriel will try to pair you before your soul turns?

Declan: (He shakes his head.) ‘Twould not matter. Like Caradoc, I willna take a seraph. My reasonings are mine own, though well founded. I will walk amongst angels before I force a woman to accept me for eternity.

You were reluctant to talk about why your lack of faith and meaning brought you to the Templar in our last meeting, are you willing to shed light now?

Declan: Nay, lass. I understand you are curious, and I donna wish to offend. But ‘tis personal and of the past. Allow it to remain there.

I guess I don’t have much choice. Okay, I promised not to keep you long, so I’ll let you get back to whatever it is you’re doing. Thanks again.

Declan: (He stands and offers a slight bow.) Thank you, lass. Safe journeys to you.

You as well, Declan.

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